Stop feeling overwhelmed

By motherhood

Start pinpointing the source of your overwhelm with this 11 question guide…

The sad truth is...

overwhelm is in style

We have a sub-culture in motherhood that promotes overwhelm as the latest trend.

 It’s practically a competition to see who has more #momprobs.

But I’ve got to say, Mom Friend…

It’s just not a good look for you.

Meet your new mom friend!

Meet Your Mom Friend

I’m Katie, and my goal is to help you love being a mom and ignite your passion for this career called motherhood.

I believe the genetics that make you a mama are all the qualifications you need, and that with a little tailoring, you can feel comfortable and confident in your new role.

I focus on intentional motherhood, present parenting, and joy-filled homemaking to reduce the overwhelm that comes with our high-demand job.

In an effort to be real

We've confused what's authentic with what's desirable

But motherhood doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable.

It doesn’t have to be so snug and confining that you feel like you can’t breathe,

Or so loose that you’re lost and drowning.

It doesn’t have to be ripped or distressed to be modern.

Feel more confident in your mom genes

With the weekly
"mom genes style guide"

Here are the 3 areas to focus on

to feel great in your mom genes

Intentional motherhood

Being proactive with our mindsets and actions so that we define our motherhood, rather than the other way around


Living in the moment with our children today because tomorrow isn't real yet.

Joy-Filled Homemaking

Learning not only to take control of our homes, but also to find the joy in what we do so that every day is fulfilling.

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