Hello, Mama! I’m Katie.

I grew up with a lot of grand plans for what I wanted to do with my life, but I never expected any to be so fulfilling as motherhood.

I always planned to be a full-time mother and homemaker when kids came about, but I anticipated at least a mini-career before that happened. There was no mini-career. Not even a micro-career.

While I sometimes think wistfully about the things I might have done, all else pales in comparison to my excitement for the things I’ll get to do as a young mama.

I’m passionate about attachment parenting and the impact it’s had on not only our baby’s life, but also our family as a whole unit. I want to share that journey with you, and encourage you, no matter what your parenting style, to listen to your instincts!

My husband and I are just starting our lives together as he pursues his career in law. Baby #1 recently joined our adventure, and now that we’re rolling, we hope to have many more in close succession (or at least, I do). Like five. Or six. Or ten.

My dream is to own a historic home on loads of land, debt-free, and have a ridiculous number of kids and animals alike.

[For our daughter’s privacy, we have chosen not to include her real name or pictures of her face on the internet. You can call her by her nickname, Carrots (because she was born long and skinny).]

Other members of the family include a shelter kitty and a parrot (who is my permanent toddler).

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