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I’m not here to tell you how to parent. I’m not here to push a one-size-fits-all approach to raising children.

We’re over-saturated with advice

In a culture where our choices and actions are dictated by researchers, scientists, doctors, and “the experts,” my goal is to initiate open conversation to discover parents’ actual experiences, what works or doesn’t work–perhaps in spite of published “research”–and encourage parents to trust their instincts, even when they don’t seem to line up with the baby instruction manuals.

Mamas, even if your kiddos haven’t been born yet, even if you have no biological children, even if you adopt, you were born with an innate instinct.

Unfortunately, the experience we have in Western culture is a group of “experts”–so dubbed because they have either devoted a significant amount of study to a topic, or managed to type out an impressive number of pages on it–presenting their opinions and findings as immutable fact with no margin for divergence.

Parents whose intuition might contradict them are then made to doubt their instincts and abilities. We’re told we don’t know what’s best for our own children.

We’re assigned fifty baby-raising manuals, all conflicting, but all composed by “experts,” and we’re supposed to follow them.

Our natural abilities are minimized

Everyone else in the world wants to raise your baby, and everyone else somehow knows to do it better than you. We’re made to feel that the people most ignorant on how to raise babies are the ones who gave birth to them.

To compound the issue, we mamas are all at each other’s throats, bringing shocking levels of hostility to a table that should be purposed for constructive discussion.

Many topics are approached with a my-way-or-the-highway, or an “I’m right, therefore you’re wrong” mentality. Take vaccinating and co-sleeping for example.

Even the mention of such topics might have raised your hackles a bit. We’re destroying ourselves with friendly fire when we should be seeking to learn from and encourage one another.

We were created with motherhood in mind

If you ignore all of those other voices for just a moment, you’ll hear different voice, perhaps quiet at first, but the more you listen, the louder it will get until it drowns out all of the self-proclaimed experts and talking heads.

That voice is a part of your biology, and it’s tangibly driven by hormones. Your body spent nine months putting everything it had into crafting and nourishing this tiny person, and it doesn’t just stop after baby exits the birth canal.

Your body is as invested as ever in protecting and caring for the helpless little human in your arms. Anyone who tells you otherwise has a book to sell.

‘Science’ is always changing, but what remains constant is the biological instinct you have to care for and raise children.

As a Christian, I believe God designed us this way, but the fact is indisputable, wherever you put your faith. Motherhood is built into our genetic code.

It’s time we bring mom genes into the twenty-first century.

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