Mom genes? Who taught you to spell?

Hey, Mom Friend! How are your mom genes fitting?

Not your mom jeans, your mom GENES.

While yes, I’m pretty thrilled that mom jeans are making a comeback, what’s more important to me is that mom genes are back in style, too.

For a while–as in, many decades–motherhood went through a pretty dark era. Moms were educated to believe they didn’t know what was best for their infants; that only doctors and other experts could know what was good for babies and children. Moms who were responsive to their babies’ cries were considered “over-anxious,” and told they were spoiling their babies. (Some doctors even thought colic was the mother’s fault!)

But not all moms listened. Plenty of mamas trusted their intuition and ignored the conflicting noise.

More recently, even the academics have begun to encourage parents back in this direction, toward a more instinctive, responsive style of parenting, but so many years of flawed teaching is hard to overcome. A mother’s confidence in herself was shattered by the trends of the twentieth century, and is not so easily restored.

Although mom genes are coming back in style, sadly, responsive parenting is not always convenient in our busy-busy modern lives. Moms have more support and community than perhaps ever before, but still choose a detachment style of parenting in favor of its structure and promised ‘results.’

If you want a more relaxed, responsive style of parenting that relies on intuition over instruction manuals, then this blog is your go-to!

I'm Katie, and I didn't want to be a mom

At least, not yet anyways.

I always planned to be a full-time mother and homemaker when kids came about, but I anticipated at least a mini-career before that happened. There was no mini-career. Not even a micro-career.

That was really hard for me to overcome. During my pregnancy, I found myself very bitter and resentful to have worked so hard to have my professional life end before it ever truly started. If I’m being honest with you, it’s something I still struggle with from time to time.

But while I sometimes think wistfully about the things I might have done, all else pales in comparison to my excitement for the things I’ll get to do as a young mama.

It's important that you know...

I think I’m funnier than I am, so you’ll find a lot of lame (or brilliant) puns in my writing. I tend to tell it like it is with as much sarcasm as I can get away with, and it hasn’t always won me a ton of popularity. I like to think that if I don’t entertain anyone else, I at least entertain myself.

If you stick around with me, you’ll find that I’m really passionate about attachment parenting and that I have a special interest in high-need (often dubbed “fussy”) babies…because it turns out I have one. 

Now that Baby #1 (internet codename: Carrots) has joined our adventure, we hope to have many more in close succession (or at least, I do). Like five. Or six. Or ten. (Although it seems that God’s idea of “close succession” is quite a bit more spread out than mine.)

I would love to get to know you and support you in any way I can as we figure out this new way of life together! Your opinion is always welcome in the comments of all of my posts, and you should totally connect with me on Instagram (@wearyourmomgenes). If you want, you can send me an email and introduce yourself to Can’t wait to meet you!!

Ready to start tailoring your mom genes?

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