Make the most of your mornings!

Morning routines are great for people like CEOs and single yuppies, but how on earth is a busy mama supposed to find any consistency from one day to the next? It can seem like the only pattern from day to day is Baby’s ability to make every morning inconsistent. 

I created this morning routine designer as much for myself as for you. I wanted clearly defined goals for my mornings, and to feel like I had accomplished something for myself, not just changing diapers and nursing a baby (as wonderful and necessary as those tasks are).

Following a minute-by-minute schedule just isn’t realistic for mamas with littles, but a come-what-may approach is sure to result in lost time and forfeited productivity

My morning routine designer will help you to zero in on your most important morning goals, batch them in a practical way, and keep them visible so your muddled morning mommy brain stays on track.

What’s included:

  • Simple instructions with anecdotal examples to help you get specific on what you want to accomplish;
  • An elegant brainstorming page to visualize your top tasks and optimal habits;
  • A practical block system to batch your tasks so that you can tackle them when you’re able, regardless of their order or the time on the clock.   
Your morning is the foundation on which your day is built. The momentum built or lost during this time impacts your mindset and your productivity to make or break your day.