Establish routines as a new mom right from the start


Get 3 free step-by-step guides to help you plan your day around your baby’s needs, rather than the clock.

  • Build a morning routine that’s flexible so you aren’t thrown off course from one day to the next
  • Set up a housekeeping schedule to keep your home in order through the chaos of a new baby
  • Implement self-care rituals to aid your postpartum recovery and feel a little more human

Inconveniently, newborn babies can’t tell time, which means that life with an infant is anything but routine! 

Traditional planners base your activities around the time of day, but when every day is different from the last and every hour unpredictable, how is a new mama to establish routines for herself?

Enter the New Mom Routine Designer! These routines are based on your baby’s needs, not your timepiece. 

+3 Bonus Pages!

In addition to 3 signature routine designers, you’ll also get:

  • A quick reference of easy meals that you can whip up in a pinch (or even get your husband to fix!)
  • 9 unique ways to soothe a fussy baby that you can use during witching hour, or any time your baby has a hard time settling
  • A reading list to organize the titles that will help you combat mom-brain and enjoy the time spent snuggling your new baby as you heal and relax

Beat mom-brain, build routines, and bounce back...all with a new baby